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TruControl IngredientsTruVision Health is committed to innovation and continues to forge the way for quality health products.  ever settling for status quo, the company has made it a global mission to help people improve their health.  TruControl is the latest in this revolutionary health mission as TruVision arms individuals with the most powerful tool available to optimize weight management the healthy way.

Fun facts at a glance

  • Boost metabolism without the jitters
  • Suppress appetite without feeling starved
  • Optimize body fat while maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Feel more energized naturally
  • Simple to use in conjunction with TruFix and Replace for optimal results
  • Easy to share

Using only the highest quality natural ingredients, TruControl is designed to spark your metabolism and revive your natural energy.  Giving you the accelerated edge you need to conquer your health and product, TruControl.  You’ll love the way it makes you feel but more importantly, you’ll love the results.

Now is the time to make new commitments to change the quality of your life and share this amazing product with the ones you love, who might be struggling with extra pounds.  TruControl is also available in easy-to-share sample packs.  Something this great should be shared with everyone!  Available exclusively from TruVision Health.  Get started on your TruTransformation today. Enjoy!

 Original TruVision Weight Loss Combo

It seems every other day, there’s new hype in the media about the latest wonder diet. But the dirty little secret is these “miracle-diets” are a short-term fix. Restricting entire food groups will lead to weight loss—because you are eating less food overall. But it soon gets boring and it’s easy to fall back into unhealthy eating habits. Soon the weight you’ve lost is gained back.

This vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting ruins our metabolisms and can lead to a number of health problems. Every time you lose weight and regain it makes more difficult to lose it in the long-run. Not to mention it destroys your energy and vitality.

TruVision Health Weight Loss Combo

TruVision Weight Loss Combo
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To achieve long-term weight loss results, you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle.  You need proper nutrition, daily physical activity, good sleep and quality supplements to make sure your body can deal with the challenges modern life brings. Losing weight shouldn’t be a temporary fix. You want lasting results—results that make you feel great, not depleted from not getting enough essential nutrients.

That’s why TruVision Health’s #1 goal is making sure individuals are healthy, happy and ready to inspire others to live a vibrant lifestyle as well. Changing how you eat is an important first step, but it’s not enough on its own.

At TruVision Health we don’t want to just give you a weight loss solution. We want to help you completely transform your lifestyle with balanced nutrition, the 10K pledge and bringing your body into optimal health with our supplements TruFix, TruWeight & Energy, TruSlumber and Heart & Hydration.

Two core products in the TruVision line will help you keep your cholesterol in check, and achieve a healthy body weight with energy levels that stay on an even keel all day.

TruFix helps your body to maintain healthy cholesterol and lipid levels. At the same time, it works to decrease your appetite and give your renewed energy without feeling jittery. Our research has shown that TruFix may also help regulate blood sugar levels—so important in the prevention of Type II diabetes. It may also aid significantly in weight loss*.

When TruFix is used in combination with TruWeight & Energy, your body has all the energy it needs to lead an active lifestyle and accelerate your weight loss efforts.


Exciting news for TruFix/TruWeight & Energy fans. Now you can purchase our powerhouse weight loss duo in a convenient 30-day combo pack. Many have asked if they could purchase TruFix and TruWeight & Energy in a combo pack instead of ordering separately. TruVision listened, and now it’s here! TruFix and TruWeight & Energy are designed…


TruFix: Key to Health and a Long Life Filled with Vitality With its blend of specially engineered, healthy natural plant extracts, TruFix has immense benefits for every system in the body. TruFix is a supplement that has been clinically proven to aid in weight loss, safely and in moderation through its powerful combination of ingredients….


This ultimate package contains our all-star products! With a combo of the truCONTROL and truFIX in our classic capsule form, two 7 day sample of zzz-TOX, and a HEART & HYDRATION packet of your choice you just can’t go wrong! It’s the perfect option to try a handful of products. Help cleanse your body while…


Increased energy and focus* Improved mental clarity Exercise benefits Ideal for fat burning* What is truIGNITE™? Ignite your weight loss journey with truIGNITE! With truIGNITE you can feel more energized naturally, optimize body fat while maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and suppress appetite without feeling starved.* For optimal results, use in conjunction with truFIX™. Who is…


TruVision Balance was formulated to help deal with a problem too many people have – unexplained body aches and fatigue. Have you ever got a good night’s sleep yet still woke up unrefreshed and sore? It could be that your body isn’t using minerals efficiently, and this is contributing to your muscle pain and tiredness….


What feature benefit are you most excited for people to experience from the Men’s & Women’s Complete? There is a lot to be excited about when it comes to our unique vitamin line. One of the most exciting distinctions is that our multivitamin is designed to meet the specific needs of both men and women….


Get the Details on TruElevate TruElevate is TruVision Health’s latest product to aid in safe and effective weight loss. TruElevate has been specially formulated to help those facing diet plateaus to start losing again. Recently, TruVision’s product formulator, David Brown, sat down with TruVision founders, Travis Martin, Derek Bailey, Shawn Gibson and David Brown, to give…


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 Mike and Cindy Lawson have had great success with TruVision Health Weight Loss products. Mike is down to 212 pounds from 360 pounds a year ago after starting the TruFix/TruWeight and Energy Combo.  His wife, Cindy has gone from a size 28 to a size 16 in the same time frame. Want results like Mike…