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TruElevate plateau buster from TruVision
TruElevate Weight Loss Plateau Buster

TruElevate is TruVision Health’s latest product to aid in safe and effective weight loss. TruElevate has been specially formulated to help those facing diet plateaus to start losing again.

Recently, TruVision’s product formulator, David Brown, sat down with TruVision founders,
Travis Martin, Derek Bailey, Shawn Gibson and David Brown, to give you a peek behind the curtains of what makes TruElevate so effective to safely help break through weight loss plateaus.

Listen in as formulator David Brown dives into the details around truElevates premium formulation.

Note: Full transcript of conversation provided below the audio file.

Full Transcript of TruElevate Chat

Travis: Hello everybody, welcome to a TruVision corporate call. We’re here in the office. I’ve got Shawn Gibson with me, Derek Bailey, and David Brown.

Shawn: Hi, everybody.

David: Hey, there.

Derek: Hello.

Travis: We all know there’s some real excitement out there in the field right now regarding the TruElevate. And so we kind of pegged down David to ask him a few questions that we’re getting from the field and actually talk about the product, kind of educate the field on why you take the product, how are you take the product, why you should take the product. And really talk about the importance of actually the TruElevate product that we’re introducing to the TruVision family.

Let me first off by saying thank you every associate out there. We had a record month last month. During the summer months it’s very rare to do that, but it’s a testament to the product. It’s a testament to your willingness to share and to help people’s lives, and we applaud you for those efforts. And we’re looking for even a fantastic month in August with the launch of this product. David Brown, you know, one of the things I know when we got together and this thing of TruVision Health was put together, you had a certain product philosophy, and that philosophy really resonated with all of us here. If you could just explain this to our associates that product philosophy to help them understand how and why we choose the products that we do.

David: You bet. I’d be happy to, Travis. You know, it’s interesting. When you’re looking at putting together a formula, you’ve got a lot of different ingredients out there that you can choose from. Now, over the years, as I’ve worked with formulas, I have found that a lot of the ingredients that had been around for a long time, they’re approved by every agency or organization you can imagine. Unfortunately, a lot of these ingredients don’t really render outstanding results. And so what I have found is I’ve got to constantly be looking leading edge. I have to find the ingredients which really haven’t been out there that long or not that well known. And those ingredients usually become the workhorse ingredients of our products.

Now, what we do is when we built the product we always make sure that safety is ascertained first and foremost. That’s our first priority. So when we take a product, a possible formula, we will test it with some people. We monitor everything; blood pressure, heart rate, you know. Besides just things such as fat loss, that type of thing. We monitor everything.

We also will check it to see if it exhibits any kind of addictive qualities to it. We don’t have to sell any products that are addictive in any way that might over stimulate the heart. So safety is first and foremost. And once we ascertain the safety of the combination of ingredients, then we feel good about testing it. And, of course, if the product’s not going to work or just offer mediocre results, we’re not interested in it. That’s not what TruVision is about. We’re interested only in offering safe products that really do yield extraordinary results as most of you know from using our products so far. One of our keys is we know how to put together the right combinations of ingredients.

There might be an ingredient out there that by itself it just doesn’t work that great, but when you combine it with two or three other, what I call, workhorse ingredients that results in a product that really delivers the results to the end user. So basically that’s kind of our philosophy. Safety first and effectiveness second. If it’s not effective, you’re not gonna see TruVision carry it.

Travis: I really like that. As you know, when we put this together we talked about leading the charge with less focus on the opportunity, more on products that work and actually have a lasting impression on people. And that’s how you build the opportunity. So I love the philosophy. So one of the questions we’re getting a lot of, David, is with the introduction of this product because we do have a great existing product with the TruWeight and Energy and the TruFix. So who would take TruElevate and why would they take it?

David: Now, that’s a great question, Travis. So basically, let’s first talk about existing associates. Existing associates, say that you’ve been using the TruWeight and Energy and maybe you’ve reached a plateau. And let me explain something about plateauing, if you don’t mind. I think it’s important people know. When we put on excess weight, it’s done usually through a plateau pattern, if you will. We gain a few pounds, stay there for a while, we gain a few more, and then after 10-15 years we’ve gained a lot more weight than we ever intended to gain.

Now, what the TruWeight and Energy will do, and for that fact the TruElevate, it reverses that plateauing. So when you take either product, you will at first probably lose some weight right off the bat, but there’s a chance you might start plateauing. Well, be patient, continue to take the product, and you’ll break that plateau, lose a few more pounds. Maybe plateau there for a while again, but then lose a few more pounds. Well, what we wanted to do, Travis, is we wanted to create, we wanted to speed up this reverse plateau process a bit. So that’s why we have the TruElevate.

So say that you’ve already been taking the TruWeight and Energy, let’s say you have plateaued. Well, now is the time to take the TruElevate. Replace the TruWeight and Energy with the TruElevate. Don’t take both at the same time. Replace the TruWeight and Energy with the TruElevate either in the capsule form or the smoothie form, and that is very likely going to break your plateau. Take that for a while, and let’s say that you start hitting a consistent plateau again with the TruElevate, then that’s the time to stop the TruElevate and go back to the TruWeight and Energy. So you see what we’re doing is we’re accelerating that plateau process.

Now, some people have asked which is more effective, the smoothie format or the capsule format? They’re both the same. They have the same active workhorse ingredients in them. It’s really your personal preference. Do you want to take it in a nice tasting smoothie format, or do you prefer a capsule for convenience? You can if you want to. You can, of course, mix them up. You can take the smoothie in the morning and then take the capsule in the afternoon. One thing that I would recommend you don’t do though is don’t mix the TruElevate and the TruWeight and Energy.

For example, don’t take TruElevate in the morning and TruWeight and Energy in the afternoon. And, again, it’s all for that purpose of your body maybe building a tolerance. You know, keep it one or the other, and then if your body seems to build a tolerance to one, then switch back to the other. And if you’re mixing them both, it might defeat what we’re trying to accomplish with breaking those plateaus.

Travis: So let me just kind of reiterate what you were saying. Number one, I love the two formats we have. We have a capsule, and we have a smoothie format. With my marketing background, I understand the value of having a sensory experience, and a shake or smoothie offers that to the end consumer. It’s delicious tasting, it’s great tasting. At the same time it gives you the same effect as taking a capsule, it’s just an immediate response. So I love both the formats.

David: Exactly. And for a new person just coming onboard with us, it’s their choice. They can take either one. We honestly think that most people are gonna choose the TruElevate smoothie format just because of that experience you’re talking about.

Travis: I would agree. And also to recap, one of the questions we get is can I use as a stacker product which means can I take both? The answer is no.

David: That’s right.

Travis: You want to be on TruElevate, or you want to be on TruWeight and Energy.

David: TruWeight and Energy or stacker also could imply that you’re using some other kind of weight loss product.

Travis: Good to know.

David: Please don’t take our product if you’re using other things ‘cuz a lot of the other weight loss products are loaded down with a lot of stimulants. So, you know, this is not intended to be a stacker product.

Travis: Awesome. In addition to that, some questions we get and for most of the associates out there when the product’s officially launched, we’ll talk about a release date here really soon. As normal and with what follows protocol here at TruVision Health, we put all of the information, including all of the active ingredients on our website for you to research it, reference it, and answer the questions that you get. But some we’re getting right now will be on the website. I encourage you to go there and check it out. Is it dairy free, and is it gluten free?

David: It is, it is. It’s dairy free. It’s gluten free We’ve tried to avoid using allergens in this product. We want as many people as possible to use it.

Travis: Awesome. And then the question everyone’s really looking forward to is when will it be available?

David: We’re looking at being able to actually ship out the product the first part of next week. Right now we’re on track to be able to do that. So it will start leaving our dock first part of next week.

Travis: That’s exciting. As you know, we had a pre-sale last week. It went really well. You do had to be an associate. You had to be ownership qualified. There were some stipulations, and it was a very big success here at the company, and those orders will be fulfilled first. They’ll be right at the doors first. At that moment then we’ll open up to the field which will allow preferred customers, retail customers to place their orders. So those who are associates who have those preferred customers, retail customer, let them know that this product is coming out. Get them a sample if you can, and have them take TruElevate and experience what we’ll all experienced as a pick-me-up product.

Another question as I’m going through this, I realized that I wanted to ask you, is it a meal replacement? That’s another one I’ve had too.

David: Yeah. In fact, I’ve been asked the same thing. Is it a meal replacement? Is it a protein drink? No. It’s not either. It’s designed to be just a great tasting beverage. Now, if you take it for breakfast, you might find some natural appetite suppression going on with that. And if you do find that appetite suppression feature, well, that’s great. But it’s not really intended to be a meal replacement or a protein drink. It does have some great fiber content to it. It has some other great things in it, but it’s not intended for that purpose.

Travis: Awesome. I know when I’ve taken it myself, I call it like a snack replacement because when you eat some cheese or sometimes when you’re having a rough time, I just pour myself a smoothie and an eight ounce bottle of water, shake it up, and I’m good to go the next three or four hours.

David: Yeah.

Travis: It’s a wonderful product for that. So, David, thank you for sharing that with us. I’m sure we’ll have a lot more questions coming up and a lot more calls like this. Just by some to-do list, I just want to remind everybody there is a TruSummit coming up in New Orleans on September 18th and 19th. One of the things I really want to promote with this, as you know, one of our biggest cultural aspects here at TruVision Health is the 10K Pledge. And it’s been getting a lot of steam lately. And before every event, we get together as a team. We get together as a company, and we actually walk together to promote an active lifestyle.

With that said, we’re expecting literally hundreds of people to participate in New Orleans. We have sent an email out. If you want to participate in that, it’s very important that you register before the 10K Pledge Walk. That way we know how many handouts to give to those that participate. Usually we give a water bottle or a towel or something, you know. When you show up there, we’ll surprise you with what we’re giving out. But if you don’t register, we will not have enough product, meaning if your name is not on that register you will not get that swag that we hand out. We’d still love you to be there to walk with us, but to get the actual swag, we call it, to be at New Orleans on that walk, please register ahead of time to make sure we know you’re gonna be there. And I’m looking forward to a great walk that day.

We also have some great keynote speaker going to be there. Elizabeth Smart, we’re excited about her. David, I know you know her personally. Maybe you can kind of talk a little bit about Elizabeth Smart.

David: Yeah.

Travis: And what they can expect there at the event.

David: I’d love to, I’d love to. You know, a lot of what we promote at TruVision is building good character, and Elizabeth has gone through some trials and things in her life that none of us will ever have to go through, nothing even close. And the way that she has addressed those, the way she overcame those, that’s what we want you guys to hear. We want you guys to hear how she overcame the challenges that she faced, how she’s been able to go from a situation that would frankly destroy most people. And she has a completely happy, normal life. She’s married, has a beautiful child now, and anyway very inspiring to listen to her tell about how she overcame these things.So we’re excited for everybody to hear that.

Also, along the lines of building character, personal progress, that type of thing, let me throw in a little comment here. At the Summit event, Saturday morning at 7:30 I’m gonna do a little workshop. Now, I want people to understand this is not really a true event, a TruVision event. This is kind of a Dave Brown thing. It’s totally optional. Nobody has to come. In fact, 7:30 in the morning we realize a lot of you might be wanting to enjoy the New Orleans nightlife and that’s great. You know, that’s one of the benefits of holding our convention there. So I just want people to know it’s not expected. If you want to come at 7:30, show up for this workshop that I’m going to be doing. That’s great, but I do want people to know it’s entirely optional because 7:30 can be pretty early for some people if they’re enjoying New Orleans the evening before.

Travis: For David, that’s like noon.

David: Yeah, exactly.

Travis: And I’ve actually seen David present on his little program he’s put together. I would recommend going to it as well. It’s very inspiring. Once again, it’s TruVision Health. We do have great products. We have a great culture, but we also believe in developing individuals. And this is another program that you can adhere to and actually get some inspiration and work on changing to better people that we all know we’re capable of doing.

So thank you, David, for doing that, and we’re excited to be a part of that at 7:30 in the morning with you. I’m also excited to see those that show up for the 10K Pledge Walk to make a statement in his industry that we are about a healthy lifestyle. Once again, register for the event online at New Orleans. We’re looking forward to a great event. Looking forward to a launch of this TruElevate. Looking out for all of the information, but we just all want as a team here to say thank you for all you’re doing out there and for being a part of TruVision Health.

TruElevate Weight Loss Plateau Buster

TruElevate plateau buster from TruVision
TruElevate Weight Loss Plateau Buster

TruElevate is TruVision Health’s latest weight loss product, designed to help you break through frustrating weight loss plateaus.

TruElevate works hand-in-hand with TruFix to break through plateaus and get your weight loss back on track. Order your TruElevate/TruFix Combo pack now

TruElevate comes in two forms: a delicious chocolate shake or in capsule form. You can choose the one which fits your lifestyle best. Choose the capsule or shake version of TruElevate now.

TruElevate’s ingredients work together to balance glucose and insulin levels to reduce hunger and burn fat. It’s specifically formulated to help burn stubborn abdominal fat and provide you with sustained energy to get you through your busy day.

While TruElevate is designed to burn fat, it doesn’t do so at the expense of losing muscle mass or feeling jittery. You’ll feel more energy, so you’ll get through your busy day easier – and still have enough energy to enjoy an active lifestyle.

TruElevate/TruFix Weight Loss Combo Pack
TruElevate/TruFix Weight Loss Combo Capsules

If you’ve been working hard on your weight loss goals, and are at a point where your weight loss has slowed down, or even come to a temporary halt, try the potent combination of TruElevate and TruFix to get the numbers on the scale moving downwards again!

Here’s a run down on the active ingredients in TruElevate:

Ribose – Is a (simple sugar) which plays roles in metabolism and energy production. Research indicates taking ribose supplements may improve energy, sleep, and an overall sense of of well-being. Studies show ribose supports healthy heart function, reduced levels of fatigue, restless leg syndrome, and may also lessen fibromyalgia symptoms . Ribose may lower blood sugar levels. Diabetics should consult with their physician before taking products containing ribose to make sure its appropriate for them. (1)

Inulin – Acts as a prebiotic. Prebiotics are substances which support the growth of healthy intestinal bacteria in the gut. Studies have shown inulin is beneficial in supporting healthy blood lipid levels, including cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Inulin promotes bowel regularity, and weight loss. (2)

Caffeine – is a natural stimulant found in tea, coffee, chocolate, colas, and many other products. Caffeine is commonly used to reduce fatigue and increase mental alertness. Used in moderation, caffeine can enhance the action of other medications and supplements. Caffeine is recognized as safe when used as directed. (3)

Yerba Mate – is a tea derived from an evergreen bush, ilex paraguariensis. Yerba Mate has a long history of use to increase energy and improve concentration. Yerba Mate promotes normal blood levels of glucose and cholesterol. Studies also indicate it may be beneficial for urinary tract health, colon health, bone density, healthy mood, and weight loss. Yerba Mate drinkers report it increases energy and alertness like caffeine without the‘ jitters’ or sleep disturbances associated with caffeine. (4,5)

N-Acetyl Tyrosine – is an amino acid used as a building block to make new proteins and cells. N-Acetyl Tyrosine also aids in the recovery and repair of muscles and other systems. One of N-Acetyl Tyrosine’s key roles is that it aids in the synthesis of dopamine – an important neurotransmitter linked to emotional responses, behavioral responses, and addictions. Maintaining healthy dopamine levels results in stress reduction, an enhanced mood, and improved energy and concentration. (6,7)

Taurine – is an amino acid essential in producing proteins. Taurine supports healthy cardiovascular function, blood pressure, and blood lipid profiles. Taurine is used to help repair oxidative damage from diabetes and alcoholism. This amino acid helps the body respond to mental and physical stress. (8)

Phenylethylamine – is a naturally occurring chemical which boosts mood, mental drive, concentration, productivity, and fat burning. Chocolate contains high levels of this natural mood booster. (9)

Green Tea – Studies have demonstrated that green tea extracts have thermogenic (fat burning) properties. It is particularly helpful in burning unwanted abdominal fat. (10,11)

Evodiamine – is an Asian plant shown in laboratory studies to reduce fat uptake, and stimulate metabolism. (12,13)

Trimethylglycine – is an organic compound commonly isolated from beets. Trimethylglycine also plays a key role in energy production, and is beneficial for optimal digestion, liver health, and certain detoxification pathways. (14,15)

Theacrine – is a natural plant extract used as a caffeine alternative with fewer side effects. Theacrine increases energy levels, and aids in motivation, concentration, and levels of alertness. Anecdotal reports suggest theacrine may be useful for reducing fatigue. It may also produce anti-aging and immune boosting properties. (16,17)

Glucomannan – Glucomannan is a dietary fiber used as a food additive to emulsify fats and act as a thickening agent. As a dietary supplement, it can decrease appetite and it slows the absorption of sugars and fats in the gut. This can help balance glucose levels, which aids in weight loss. As glucomannan passes through the intestinal tract, it absorbs water to improve bowel health and regularity. (18,19)

Huperzine – is an extract derived from Chinese Club Moss. It is reported to improve memory, mental focus and clarity, muscle function and sleep. (20)

DHEA – Is a hormone naturally produced in the body. Stress and age decrease DHEA production, sometimes making supplementation desirable. DHEA is associated with enhancing immune function, energy production, normalizing hormones, building and maintaining muscle, bone health, and balancing mood. DHEA is believed to have anti-aging benefits and plays a role in weight loss. Increasing DHEA levels can help improve belly fat reduction and insulin sensitivity. Lower levels of DHEA are associated with chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, cardiovascular dysfunction, inflammatory disorders, and immune disorders. Decreased DHEA levels have been found in those taking certain medications – including corticosteroids and hormonal birth control. (21, 22, 23)

Xylitol – a natural sugar alcohol commonly extracted from birch trees and used as a sugar alternative. Xylitol is believed to prevent dental cavities and ear infections when taken orally. (24)