TruEssentials–Our Essential Oils Line

We are pleased to announce a new product line in the TruVision family–TruEssentials.

As part of our commitment to your good health, the TruEssentials line is coming out with three products to enhance your health. These products contain the finest pure essential oils to enhance your well-being.

Initially, the products line includes the following products:


trudefenseTruDefense–This 100% natural essential oil rub was created to support the immune system and maintain good health. Simply roll it on the soles of your feet for optimal absorption.



simplyFreshsimplyFresh–100% natural deodorant, scented with essential oils. All day odor protection without harmful chemicals. Encourages the release of harmful toxins from the body.




TruMend first aid balm provides 100% natural essential oils that have anti-bacterial benefits, as well as powerful healing properties. TruMend also has anti-aging benefits.

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