Why Choose Reactivate?

red meatI’ve been struggling with my weight for years. I’ve tried it all along the way, diets, exercise, fasting, Paleo, you name it. This product is getting me the results I’ve been looking for.

Yes, I exercise, that’s crucial, even if you’re not trying to lose weight. But the fact of the matter is, I love the taste of fat, whether it’s in avocadoes or eggs or marbled steak.

ReActivate allows me to enjoy the food I like the best, and helps my body use that food to help me lose weight.

While many supplements are designed, using artificial and synthesized ingredients to speed up our metabolisms, ReActivate works, using natural ingredients, to transform our metabolisms. This is a crucial difference.

woman runningMost of the women I know are constantly on the run already. Short of making the time for Olympic-level physical training, it’s more or less impossible for us to do anything more than we already are to speed up our metabolisms.

Sure, there are supplements that rely on substances like caffeine, and substances that mimic the effects of amphetamines, but they inevitably result in a crash, and they’re just not healthy.

Carbohydrates have a similar effect. They’re good for a burst of energy that lasts a little while, but when the carbohydrates run out, you’re tired all of a sudden. Some of us even have hypoglycemic reactions when the carbohydrates run out. We see this in our children all the time after a sugar rush, that’s why we don’t feed them cake right before bedtime.

Ketones, on the other hand, operate on a completely different principle. Our bodies produce them naturally when we don’t have access to carbohydrates. It doesn’t happen instantly, it takes time, but when it does happen, our metabolisms convert our fat reserves into energy. This is why fasting is so successful; even though fasting LOWERS our metabolic rate, it also cues the body to start converting fat stores into the energy we need to survive.

The problem with fasting is obvious. We don’t have the time to be inactive for days on end while our bodies change over from using the sugars we make from carbohydrates, to the ketones we make from stored fat. I don’t know about you, but I simply can’t function in the middle of a busy day if I don’t have fuel for my metabolism. This is what makes ReActivate so amazing. I don’t have be inactive, I don’t have to pump up my metabolism with harmful chemicals to produce artificial energy. It helps my body use my own stored fat to give me the energy I need to get through a busy day.

Best of all, it allows me to eat the foods I really enjoy. Let’s face it, most of us love eggs and bacon, avocadoes and guacamole, sour cream, and cheese, to name just a few of the tasty foods that are high in fat content.  When our bodies run on carbohydrates, we change them to sugars in our gut, and use that for the fuel that gets us through the day. The fats get stored for later, in our bellies and hips.

When our bodies run on ketones, whether they come from food or from our stored fats, the sugar comes from the fat we eat and the fat we store. It creates a new dynamic, so long as we have access to fats. There’s no sugar rush, no crash, just a constant stream of energy from tasty foods and our own bodies.

toast ham and eggsFor me, this changed everything.  When my metabolism was running on sugars, I was “eating” a breakfast shake every morning to get my system up and running, snacking on rabbit food to keep myself going through the day, and I was always in danger of crashing. Now, I eat what I really want, like eggs and bacon for breakfast, sometimes fried potatoes.

All that fat content is exactly what my body needs for fuel. I feel full and satisfied when I head to work, and I don’t need to eat again until lunch, when I can enjoy a nice, juicy burger, or even a Philly Cheesesteak.  It feels wonderful to enjoy my favorite foods instead of living on a regimen of shakes, celery, salad without dressing, and so on. We’ve all been there. It’s not fun, and that’s why most diets fail.

Now, I’m not saying you can feast like a glutton for every meal. Calories in and calories out is still true. I’m not saying you shouldn’t exercise, because you should, just to be healthy and strong. But imagine being able to eat all the tasty foods you like, in moderation, and losing body fat at the same time. That’s what ReActivate allows you to do. Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite foods anymore.

Just imagine how much better that would be.  I know I certainly did when I was trying to lose weight, eating bland food and meal substitutes that always left me feeling unsatisfied.

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